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Poster: BLU746 Date: Jan 2, 2022 7:01am
Forum: movies Subject: looking for any old epikrika videos i missed

theres this youtube channel called epikrika who recently announced he'd be leaving soon with a vid that would provide closure to why he's leaving. I made a somewhat full archive but I wanna know if there's other old rika videos out there I haven't gotten yet.

Some lost videos I can name are: Victory Sound Effect, ROBLOX Game Commentary #1, ROBLOX Forum Simulator v9.99999 (partially lost, I have the video from a forum simulator compilation but its 240p lawl.) and probably some others. If you got any of these or any other old rika vids, I'll be glad to know.

What I already archived: the official archive, some bits from the second channel, the entire main channel, some bonus videos related to him, and some bits from the internet archive.

Attachment: epikrika_archive_file_listing_2.png